Is Tim Tebow the next MJ?

I realize we have been Tebowized by ESPNs non stop Tebow coverage, and I admit that it is annoying but the Mullet is getting ready to make a statement that is going to cause criticism and ridicule but here goes. Tim Tebow is positioned to supplant Michael Jordan in American Sports History lore. The mullet realizes that this is pure blasphemy for the common sports fan but allow me to explain why.

Tim Tebow plays the most unorthodox style at QB in modern NFL history, and he is winning. The NFL is a league that above all other professional leagues in this country that you absolutely cannot win with smoke and mirrors. But he does.  Sure you can win a couple games but it will eventually get snuffed out by the uber talented players and coaches in the NFL. The NFL has the absolute best players in the world and very small rosters. Get a slight knee injury and the guy behind you has just put you out of work and you are applying at home depot the next week. Yet Tim Tebow has found a way to win at QB while being completely under skilled which is unheard of in this league.

Pure heart and hard work can get you pretty far in the other professional sports in America but not in the NFL. For example 2010 AL MVP Dustin Pedroia. In the NHL you can make a career out of heart and grit. What about the NBA’s Earl Boykins who had a 12 year NBA career despite being 5’3. The point is that this does not happen in the NFL, you need extreme skill to keep a job. Tebow wins by pure heart. He performs EVERY time in the clutch. Plus, and I will go ahead and say it, he appears to literally have God on his side. I have seen things happen in his games that I have never seen before. It could be all a coincidence, but in the NFL coincidences don’t last 8 games.

He does however remind me of Michael Vick circa 2002 who also couldn’t throw worth a damn.

Bottom line the man has caught the football world by storm with his fantastic come backs, calm cool persona all while being the all American kid and it has simply captivated the nation. When non-football fans are talking about you, you have transcended the sport.Fans, like myself, that used to laugh at his mediocre QB play, made fun of his style and obnoxiously told anyone that would listen that it will never work in the NFL for a long stretch have now found myself glued to the TV when he plays. Watch out if he ever actually learns to throw the ball and this man somehow goes on to win a Super Bowl one day (God forbid this season) he will surpass Michael Jordan in popularity. And after watching the Michael Jordan I have seen since his retirement (especially his Hall of Fame speech) that might be a good thing.

Obviously Tebow could easily wind up being the QB that all the analyst and non Tebow disciples thought he was but if he doesn’t we are staring right down the barrel of the next great American sports hero. In some aspects we already are.


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