The Mullets New Years resolution, Angry Birds style

Last night the Mullet deleted his personal Facebook profile after taking the bait and getting suckered into a childish spat over college basketball with an angry UofL fan. After thinking of a million pissed off thoughts that I wanted to put into words I came to one last thought, you are in your mid-30s and you are sitting in the sandbox at recess throwing sand at other adults (as well as a UK fan who I wouldn’t quit classify as an adult). I felt gay and ashamed so I clicked the deactivate button and moved on. The embarrassment still lingers.

After listening to all kinds of people who haven’t grown up past 4th grade talk shit about Indiana basketball by saying that “Indiana fans are bandwagon” or “Indiana fans disappeared” I’d had enough. To me it is the bottom of the barrel of juvenile arguments. It’s what the kid in 3rd grade says when he is out of statistical arguments, which doesn’t take long.

Were Indiana fans supposed to fill up their friends news feed with joy every time a basket went in? Were we supposed to annoy the shit out of people and update you every time we sat down to watch a game in the last 4 years? Oh, maybe we were supposed to post “way to go IU, we really grew as a team today” while we were rebuilding over the last few years.  Since we weren’t annoying, childish fans it meant we weren’t fans. I understand. I guess if I don’t fill up your newsfeed with videos that I like and you probably hate, it means that I don’t like music either. Welcome to reasoning in Kentuckiana sports.

So there I was at 2 am lowering myself to argue with such mental giants who were posting things like “IU fans are bitches man” and other intelligent bantering. This was a low point of my fandom and as a human.

In 2012 along with the typical “eat better”, “lose weight” resolutions I am going to not get upset about things that mean absolutely zero in the real world. Lord knows I have more pressing, serious issues to deal with in my life at the moment.

The mullet encourages you to support your team and cheer loudly, just realize that when you get all angry bird on people it makes you look like the jackass.

Happy New Year everyone!


One response

  1. It’s hard to train yourself not to let jackasses get to you. It’s a good resolution though. The best I’ve heard thus far! Happy New Year, D!

    January 3, 2012 at 4:41 pm

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